Area 51 is the place where all extraterrestrial biological entities (EBEs) end up. Since Roswell, a special medical team known as Medical Defense Agency (MDA) has been assigned the task to keep the EBEs alive.

From the moment of their introduction into our environment, they have been under constant attack from viruses, common to us but deadly to them. It is the players job as part of the MDA to battle those viruses.

Based on a story by Fragos Michael.


Using genetically engineered antibiotics your task will be to find the correct genetic combination of the antibiotic in order to counter the progression of the highly mutating virus. Secure the vital organs from the virus to save the EBEs.

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The "Alien Virus Attack" is a 2D fast-paced Action Puzzle game that requires quick thought and reflexes against highly mutating viruses. It supports 2 players game over Bluetooth, too.

Each level has:

1. Limited time to finish,

2. Definite number of nodes,

3. Variable ingredients,

4. Virus mutation speed.


Mophun: Nokia S60, ARCHOS

JavaME: Sony Ericsson, Nokia



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Fragos Michael


Chiotis Georgios

Alexandros Moyzakides


Chiotis Georgios

SFx & Music

Fragos Michael


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