There are 3 game types and 10 levels per game type. Each level has a rank associated with it visible in the level selection screen.  

Game Types

The ingredients are rotated clockwisely to be placed in the correct order.
The ingredients change in a 5-ways manner to be placed in the correct order. <>

Random ingredients are being used. Every time the correct ingredient is found it does not change.

Game Icons

Infection progress(up left)
It shows the player progress. Red colour is for the player.
Node description(up right)
It displays the correct node ingredients. The word locked is shown for secured nodes.
Available moves(down right)
It indicates the actions that the player can do based on the nodes map on the body and if the node is locked or not.
EBE health(down left)
The EBE health status and the level remaining time is being displayed. The beat sounds change as the time runs out.

Green Node
A neutral vital organ node.
Red Node
A secured by the player node.
Blue Node
A secured by the virus node.
Node with visible ingredients
The player's current node.

Position locators

Yellow Locator
Player's current position.
Cyan Locator
Virus' current position.



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