How to play:

1 player mode


Consult the actions icon to move between the nodes using the direction buttons and to secure the nodes by pressing the fire button. See the game interface for more information.


You can capture a node if you place it between two of your secured nodes. In levels with more than 20 nodes you can capture two nodes in between.


A list of 5 high scorers is being kept. Only high scores prompt for a player's name.


Unlock 2
Unlock 2 nodes regardless of the player.
Gain 2
Gain 2 nodes.
Stop opponent for some seconds. The remaining time appears next to the player's locator.
Slow down the opponent for some seconds. The time appears next to the player's locator.
Add up some seconds to the remaining time.
Multiplayer mode
Only F, S and T are being shown.

2 players mode


For the 2 players game one device should be set as the Host and the other as the Client. No two devices can be Host or Client at the same time. Entering the 2 players game each player types his name. The name is saved and is prompted as default but it can be changed later. The host device initiates the game selecting the game type and level. The other player joins that game. Host player is coloured red while the Client is coloured blue. Colours cannot change. No virus or antibiotic assumption should be made.


Player statistics are being kept and updated after a game finishes. Also the latest is being displayed. Statistics can be accessed from the Play menu as well.

The bluetooth has to be on for the 2 players game.



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