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Sometime in future, planet "Christina" is under attack. No means of defense are available on the planet because there were no need for weapons for years. However, a ship, equipped with a double cannon, lays in a museum. So, the best pilot available must take it off and defend the planet and its people.


Production: Ge.Mi. games on the road (c) 2004
Development: Chiotis Georgios
Design: Fragos Michael
Code: Chiotis Georgios
Graphics: Chiotis Georgios
Music: Fragos Michael
Mophun help: Paul Peck
Test: atzim, render, ilivan
Languages: Rui Figueira, Mariana, Athena, Christos, Niki, Margarita, Zoi, Michae


Sony Ericsson T6xx

Sony Ericsson T3xx

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