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Keys to use in game

The ship operates in two modes: normal and turbo. Normal refers to the standard movements of the ship: up, down and left. Turbo refers to the right movement.
Although the keys '2','8','4','6' move the ship to the four basic directions the '1','3','7' and '9' can be used as well for the diagonal moves (up left, up right, down left and down right respectively). The keys '*' (fire bullets) and '0' (launch bombs) can be used together with the movement keys to fire during the movement. Joystick can not be used perpetually with the "fire" keys.
However, the numeric keypad is standard and offers a great amount of playability.

About the game





Supported devices

Ericsson models T/Z6xx, T3xx, T2xx

Demo Mode Limitations

During "Demo" the player cannot save:

1) his game current status (interrupted externally or intentionally),

2) his score (if it is a highscore) and the word "DEMO" appears at screen's top section.


Sony Ericsson T6xx

Sony Ericsson T3xx

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