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Main menu

- New Game: It starts the game.
- Help: It displays the help text.
- About: It shows the contact e-mail address and a copyright note. Some credits scroll till the player presses a button.
- Options: The player can set the Music ON/OFF, the Sound ON/OFF and the Vibration ON/OFF.
- Exit: A question appears to exit the game. If the answer is positive it exits the game, otherwise it returns back to menu.
- Continue: Appears only when a game has been interrupted, so, the player can continue his last game session.

How to play

Game Session

There is only one "life" during the game but to overcome this situation many add-ons exist also, e.g. ammunition supplies, shields and improved weapons (alarming ball with the "A","S","P" letter on it respectively), which remain from the beaten enemies.

Ammo supplies add bullets to the ship, Shield item adds invulnerability (limited though) and Improved Weapons generate an automatic fire wave of scattered missiles against the enemies. "Shield" indicator appears on top left corner showing the remaining hits and "Improved Weapons" indicator next to shield showing the seconds remaining till the end of the fire wave.
There is a status-bar that provides the following information: current level, remaining ammo ("A:"), bombs ("B:") and the score ("S:").


Sony Ericsson T6xx

Sony Ericsson T3xx

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